The Final Countdown has begun! We are so ready!

Here are some final updates:

  1. Race Course
  2. Race week rundown
  3. Race kit collection schedule  and sample of authorization letter

    The Organizer has sent confirmation to collect the Race Kit. To speed up collection process, please show the confirmation (print or digital) to collect your race kit.

    For those who have not received the confirmation, please check your name in the List of Participants. As long as your name is in the list of participants, then you don’t have to worry and come to collect your race kit. Bring your ID Card (which you has input when you sign up for the race).

  4. Prize money for the winners (including its terms and conditions)
  5. Parking during race day
  6. Photos for race week by Pic2go

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Please do not hesitate to contact info@balimarathon.com if you have any query or suggestion on the race.

Let’s make BMBM2015 fun.
Thank you for your support.

Happy training (or tapering) and we look forward to seeing you in Bali!